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Effective Talent Management strategies transcend the recruitment of top talent and incorporate the retention, continuous professional development and promotion of key resources. Talent management, when handled strategically, flows from the organisation's mission, vision, values, goals and objectives. This enables every employee to see where they fit within the larger organisational structure and in turn, this results in employees that contribute more effectively to the overall performance of the business.

Bluetalent offers a number of tailored talent management services that facilitate improved HR Department efficiencies, improve strategic and operational planning processes and optimizes information flow between the HR Department and the rest of the organisation.

These services include:


Facilitation of topical, HR specific workshops. These include: Competency and Behavioural Based Interview Techniques for Recruitment Resources, Retaining Top Talent in the Workplace, Diversity and the HR Function, Recruitment and the Law, and more.

Employee assessments.Assessment forms a critical part of the recruitment, selection, retention and succession process. A psychometric test measures more than just self-perception, it measures actual behaviour, because what people actually do is more important than what they say or think. It compares those behaviours with others, to give a real indication of an individual's abilities, strengths, weaknesses and behaviours.

Staff surveys.While managers may have a strong sense of their organisation's strategic direction, they often lack a fundamental understanding of the perceptions, feelings and attitudes of their employees. This lack of understanding often leads organisations to waste their most valuable resource...their people. Studies demonstrate over and over again that low morale and lack of motivation have a significant negative impact on productivity. Organisational climate surveys are a powerful tool for identifying organisational strengths and weaknesses. The results of these surveys also provide a basis for effective action planning for employee development and organisational change.

Exit interviews.High staff turnover is costly because recruiting and training new staff is costly. That’s why most organisations have the goal of retaining talent wherever possible. Exit interviews are a useful solution to the problem of high turnover. An exit interview is a tool that assesses:


Using an external interviewer (not employed by your business) to conduct the interview improves the accuracy and honesty of information shared in the interview. Departing staff feel more comfortable sharing personal views and opinions of the business, as the risk of conflict or repercussion is mitigated.

  • What drives an individual to leave an organisation
  • The aspects the employee valued
  • What the individual thinks needs to improve in order to increase employee engagement, performance, and loyalty.

Value added services

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